Andalas Journal of International Studies

2355-9500 (media online)

Andalas Journal of International Studies (AJIS) is a journal published by Andalas Institute of International Studies (ASSIST) as a platform dedicated to a better understanding of international issues that aims to craft alternatives in international studies.

AJIS focuses on publishing original research articles related to international and global studies, international relations, international development, diplomacy, global political economy, global politics, local and global relations, regional politics, international organization and other relevant topics.

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  • Jurnal Solum (Journal of Soil and land Utilization Management)

    Jurnal Solum publishes high quality research in the field of soil science and provides a broad-based forum for the information sharing of ongoing research and development in soil and land use management, and relationships between soil and plants. The journal maintained by Department of Soil Science, Faculty of AgricultureAndalas University, Indonesia. All submitted manuscripts will be subjected to the peer review process following a thorough inspection by the editors. Solum Journal have been published since 2004, and starting from 2014, the journal has been published on line twice a year (January, July).

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  • Jurnal Antropologi: Isu-Isu Sosial Budaya

    2355-5963 (Online)

    1410-8356 (Print)

    Jurnal Antropologi: Isu-Isu Sosial Budaya (JANTRO) was published to develop and enrich scientific discussion for scholars who put interest in socio-cultural issues in Indonesia. Editors welcome theoretical or research-based article submission. The author’s argument doesn’t need to be in line with editors.

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  • Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Andalas

    JURNAL KESEHATAN MASYARAKAT ANDALAS (ANDALAS JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) is a scientific journal with the scope of public health published by Study Programme of Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. AJPH Journal implements Open Access Journal and can be downloaded for free.  AJPH published research article, literature article (review article/literature review), case report and concept article or policy article in all fields of Public Health include:

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