JAKP (Jurnal Administrasi dan Kebijakan Publik)

 2301-4342 (Print)

2657-0092 (Online)

 JAKP is a scientific journal published by the Public Administration Laboratory of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Andalas University in collaboration with Indonesian Association For Public Administration (IAPA) The journal covers a lot of issues or problems related to the science of public administration. The purpose of this journal publication is to spread conceptual ideas and results of research that have been achieved in the fields of administration and public policy management.

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  • Nagari Law Review

    2597-7245 (online)

    Nagari Law Review (NALREV) is a journal that addresses legal issues managed by the Faculty of Law of Universitas Andalas. The name of the Nagari Law Review was chosen based on the consideration that the name Nagari is identical to West Sumatra, where the Faculty of Law of Andalas University is located. Nagari Law Review (NALREV) is a second generation journal managed by the Faculty of Law of Universitas Andalas. It is the second generation because previously the Faculty of Law of Universitas Andalas had a print version journal namely Yustisia.

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  • International Journal of Cultural Studies Indonesia

    International Journal of Cultural Studies Indonesia is a double-blind peer-reviewed electronic journal published by Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Andalas. Academicians, researchers, and sociocultural activists are invited to submit their articles. The articles could be research report, literature review, seminar review, and book review, relevant to the mission of this journal. Its scope covers issues such as ideology, hegemony, social formation, maps of meaning, representation, identity, articulation, subjectivity, power, race, discourse, text, audience, desire, hyper-/post-reality, life-style, consumption, sexuality, gender, marginalization, subaltern, and otherness. IJOCSI is published twice a year on June and December.

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  • Andalas Dental Journal

    2655-3228 (Online)

    Andalas Dental Journal merupakan jurnal yang berisi artikel ilmiah yang diterbitkan dalam bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris, dikelola oleh Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Universitas Andalas . Jurnal ini diterbitkan dua kali dalam setahun, setiap bulan Juni dan Desember.Penyerahan artikel dibuka sepanjang tahun.Seluruh artikel ilmiah yang diserahkan akan direview secara acak oleh tim reviewer dan tim editor sebelum diterbitkan.

    Link: http://adj.fkg.unand.ac.id

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  • Jurnal Arbitrer

    Jurnal Arbitrer focuses on publishing the original research articles, review articles from contributors, and the current issues related to language and linguistics. The main objective of Jurnal Arbitrer is to provide a platform for the international scholars, academicians, and researchers to share contemporary thoughts in the fields of language, language teaching, and linguistics. It also aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in language, language teaching, and linguistics and thus become the leading international journal in language, language teaching, and linguistics in the world.

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